Terms of Use

Applicable from April 14, 2021

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59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul – France
SARL au capital de 25.000 Euros
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N° de TVA intracommunautaire : FR 78 529267718

Any order of lessons implies the acceptance without reserve by the purchaser and his full and complete adhesion to the present terms of use.

I – Payment and terms of payment

a) Prices

The prices of our products are indicated including all taxes. All orders, regardless of their origin, are payable in Euros. NovoEnglish reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The products are always invoiced on the basis of the prices in effect at the time of the order.

b) Payment

The services offered by NovoEnglish are not free. The payment of your purchases is made by credit cards directly on the NovoEnglish website. Payment by check is not available. The customer agrees to pay the full price and charges related to the purchased product, including taxes. NovoEnglish may change the price after notifying the customer. The customer is solely responsible for the actual payment of the purchased product. THE USER IS THE ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD OF THE PROPOSED SERVICE. NOVOENGLISH IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT PROBLEMS RELATED TO THE FUNCTIONING OF THE E-COMMERCE SERVICE.

c) Payment security

For all its transactions, NovoEnglish uses the operator “PayPal”. It is one of the leaders of the payment services market in Europe and in the world.

To increase the security of payments, the control number is asked when you buy online on NovoEnglish.com. The control number, composed of 3 digits, is on the back of your credit card.

II – Conditions of cancellation

In accordance with Article L121-20 of the Consumer Code, the consumer has a period of seven (7) clear days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to give reasons or pay penalties. The aforementioned period runs from the date of receipt of the offer for the provision of services. When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is extended until the next working day. During this period, the customer can at any time request the cancellation of his order by sending an email to info@novoenglish.com. NovoEnglish commits to reimburse the unattended courses within 3 working days of receiving the request. COURSES ALREADY TAKEN OR LOST (COURSES CANCELLED LESS THAN 6 HOURS BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE COURSE) WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IN ANY CASE. This refund will be made exclusively on the credit card that was used at the time of the order. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE BY BANK TRANSFER OR BY CHECK. At the end of the seven (7) days of retraction, no refund can be made. Nevertheless, the buyer can pass on his course credits to other people, as long as the end date of validity of the courses is not reached. At the end of the validity date, the courses are permanently lost by the customer and can not be reallocated to other people.

III – Availability

Our product offers and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the website www.NovoEnglish.com. When a user benefits from special conditions thanks to a partner of NovoEnglish, these cannot be combined with other special conditions offered on the site or by another partner of NovoEnglish.

IV – Service delivery

NovoEnglish commits to contact the customer by email within 3 working days after placing the order, in order to provide him/her with access codes to use its internet platform. The internet platform will allow the client to manage his training: booking/cancelling courses, accessing online resources, etc. If the buyer already has an account with NovoEnglish, the new credits will be added to their existing account within the same time frame, and the buyer will receive an email within 3 working days after placing the order.

V – Duration of the courses

The courses purchased on the NovoEnglish website have an end date of validity. This validity period, expressed in weeks or months, is indicated on the NovoEnglish website when the client buys courses; the precise date is indicated in the registration email and on the client’s Internet platform. When this validity date is exceeded, while there are still courses in credit on the client’s account, the courses are blocked and the client no longer has the possibility to plan new courses. Courses blocked in this way are lost by the customer and cannot be refunded.

VI – Confidential information and privacy protection

NovoEnglish respects your privacy. Any confidential information we collect about you is recorded and used only for specific purposes. It allows us to improve our relationship with you, for example to select the content of your courses and to send you resources specific to your needs.

NovoEnglish reserves the right to inform its clients about the evolution of its own services or commercial offers. To do so, the client agrees to be contacted by email or by phone by NovoEnglish staff.

We do not share or sell your confidential information with third parties.

Consequently, according to the French law of January 6, 1978, the customer has the right to access, rectify and object to the personal data concerning him/her.

You can contact NovoEnglish at any time if you have questions about our privacy policy, by sending an email to info@novoenglish.com

The client agrees to use the information obtained in this way only for lawful purposes, in accordance with the legislation in force, and to respect the terms and conditions stated here or any other indication given in these terms and conditions.

VII – Intellectual property

All texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced on the NovoEnglish.com website or used during the whole training period, are reserved under the copyright as well as under the intellectual property and for the whole world. As such, and in accordance with the provisions of the intellectual property code, only the use for private use is allowed, subject to different provisions, even more restrictive, of the intellectual property code. It is however forbidden to the customer, apart from this use, to copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, publish, exploit in any other way and distribute in another format in electronic or other form the information present on the site NovoEnglish.com. Consequently, any other use constitutes an infringement and is punishable under intellectual property law, except with prior authorization from NovoEnglish. Any total or partial reproduction of the NovoEnglish.com website is strictly forbidden.

The reproduction of one or more of the contents and services present on the NovoEnglish.com website, in their entirety or not, is subject to reproduction rights.

VIII – Warranties – limited liability

The client uses the services of NovoEnglish at his own risk. NovoEnglish cannot guarantee that the services offered will not be interrupted. The obligation of NovoEnglish is limited to an obligation of means.

IX – Links

NovoEnglish or a third party can establish a link with other sites or sources. NovoEnglish has no way of controlling these sites and sources, and does not guarantee the availability of such external sites and sources. NovoEnglish is not responsible for the content of these sites or sources, and excludes all responsibility and guarantee regarding this content.

X – General Terms and Conditions

a) Modifications and waivers.

NovoEnglish reserves the right to modify the general sales conditions. NovoEnglish will inform the client of the modifications by e-mail and will invite the client to agree to the modifications.

b) Assignment.

The customer may not transfer to a third party any information provided for strictly personal use.

c) Applicable Law.

The terms and conditions, all acts and transactions hereunder and the rights and obligations of the parties hereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with French law, and the parties consent to the jurisdiction of France.

d) Jurisdiction.

If the parties fail to settle any dispute relating to the terms and conditions within fifteen (15) days after written notice by either party to the other regarding such dispute, the dispute shall be settled by the court of competent jurisdiction.

e) Severability of Contract Terms.

In the event that any provision of the Terms and Conditions is deemed unenforceable under applicable law, the parties agree to renegotiate such provision in good faith in order to preserve their economic position as closely as possible to that stated under the unenforceable provision. If the parties are unable to replace such provision in a mutually acceptable and enforceable manner, (i) such provision shall be excluded from the Terms and Conditions, (ii) the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall be construed as if such provision were excluded, and (iii) the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall be enforceable in accordance with the terms of the latter.

f) Entire Agreement.

The Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between Customer and NovoEnglish with respect to the subject matter hereof.

g) Force majeure.

Neither NovoEnglish nor any third party involved in the provision of the Service shall be liable for any failure or delay in the performance of their obligations under the Terms and Conditions resulting from causes beyond their control, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, acts of civil or military authority, fire, flood, earthquake, riot, war, acts of sabotage, network failures, electronic file encoding errors, software limitations or inability to obtain telecommunication services or governmental action, provided, however, that the parties concerned shall take all reasonable steps to mitigate the effects resulting from such situations.

h) Basis of Negotiation.

Customer and NovoEnglish acknowledge and agree that the warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability and remedies contained in the Terms and Conditions are material, constitute the basis of the Terms and Conditions.

i) Definitions

Customer” means a natural person who registers and/or subscribes with NovoEnglish for the purpose of acquiring products offered by NovoEnglish on the www.NovoEnglish.com website.

Customer Personal Information” means the name, email address, company name and billing address (to the extent NovoEnglish collects such information) of a customer.

Information Providers” means the third party providing the information contained in NovoEnglish’s services.

Information” means text and images.

Price” means the purchase price of the product.