English for Real

Practical and Fun Lessons

Building on your child’s real-life activities and interests makes learning English practical and fun. More than a concept or theory, the English language becomes a reality.

Learn English 15 Minutes at a Time

Learn to Speak English 15 Minutes at a Time

Studies show that genuine language learning comes from real-world contexts. So when it comes to learning a language, a focused 15-minute conversation lesson brings more value than a 2-hour lecture. You have the option to schedule 30 and 45-minute sessions for specific purposes or more intensive courses.

The NovoEnglish Method Creates the Optimal Learning Environment for Your Child



Each lesson is personalized for your child's level, interests, and activities.


We promote English language practice and continuous interaction during our lessons.


Your child learns English faster in a positive learning environment without ratings or judgment.

How It Works

  1. Order your package
  2. Schedule your English lesson through the Learner Management System (LMS)
  3. Take a personalized lesson with one of our certified teachers
  4. Receive a detailed report on the course
  5. Implement the recommendations of the teachers
  6. Schedule the next course in the LMS

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Learn English for Success

Support for School

Our teaching method complements academic courses.

Prepare for University

Your child's English level quickly improves with regular lessons.

Interests and Hobbies

Foster your child's interests and hobbies while learning English at the same time.

What Our Learners Say

I like my Skype conversation classes because it’s less boring than usual, and my teacher is really nice. It was Mom who enrolled me for English classes. At first I didn’t want to start, but now I like it and I can speak English more easily.

13 years old

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