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Online English courses for children
“I take my English classes online with a teacher on my computer, ipad or laptop. It’s very easy and much more fun than English classes in college.”

13 years old

Our Service

Online English lessons with an English-speaking teacher

The best way to progress in English is to practice regularly, with an English-speaking teacher, from home.

We have designed a method of online English lessons with a teacher, which allows children, teens and students, to speak English, with a native English teacher, directly from their home.

Our English lessons with your teacher can be of 3 lengths: 15, 30 or 45 minutes. You choose each duration when you book each course. The content of the exchange is free; the teacher adapts the content according to the needs and desires of the child. Our method allows many young people every day to love and progress quickly in English with our online courses.

Pedagogical approach

Caring and motivating online English courses with native teachers.
Our online English courses with native teachers are designed for young people from 8 to 24 years old. Each English teacher provides a highly personalized course to suit every need. Each online English course with a native teacher provides a fun and caring learning experience for your child.

Our teachers

NovoEnglish’s English teachers are all native English speakers and specialists in teaching English online to children, teenagers and students.
All of our online English courses are taught by certified teachers, and recruited with the utmost care. They are all NovoEnglish employees and have extensive experience in teaching English online to young people.

A community of over 15,000 young learners

Our expertise allows children, teenagers and students to take online English courses with native teachers in over 20 countries every year since 2011. Our method makes teaching English engaging, effective and allows for rapid progress through one-on-one online English lessons
Online English course with a teacher
Great online English teachers and flexibility

Speak English quickly

with a certified English-speaking teacher, whenever you want. You schedule your online English lessons without constraint: no imposed frequency, and you can cancel an English lesson up to 6 hours before if needed. Depending on your level and availability, you can choose the length of each online English lesson with a teacher: 15, 30 or 45 minutes.

Online English classes for everyone.

Online English lessons with a teacher,

which will allow for hyper-personalization of content according to expectations: initiation for the youngest, boosting oral skills in middle school, exam preparation in high school, simulated job interviews for those about to enter the workforce, etc.
Depending on his or her age, level or specific expectations, your child will benefit from hyper-individualized online English lessons with native teachers.

Online English course with a teacher
Online English courses with no strings attached

No mandatory course frequency, you freely choose the teacher, no binding subscription, no deduction

on your account. Order your English lessons online with a teacher according to your need. Different English course packages are available. Your credits are immediately available after you order, and you can schedule your online English lessons with no set frequency. If you have more than one child taking lessons, you can order a pack and use the credits for multiple children.
Try an online English course with a native teacher!

Online English course with a teacher
Online English Courses: Packages & Fees

Think about your child’s education and professional future

Every year, hundreds of children, teens and students use our online English courses with an English-speaking teacher, to boost their schooling and succeed in their professional future.


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